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Mike Tirelli.jpg

Mike Tirelli

Lead Vocals

Mike Tirelli (lead vocals) thought he would never sing again after being diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer in 2008. Despite the debilitating illness taking him out of the music scene for some years, Mike bounced back....better than ever.  This American singer/songwriter is known for his exceptionally wide vocal range, as well as his powerful voice which has been compared to the late great Ronnie James Dio, who, coincidentally,  had the same stomach cancer as Mike, but Dio tragically lost his battle with the disease in 2010.   Mike was the former vocalist for Riot and Burning Starr, and is the current vocalist for the German band, Messiah's Kiss.   Mike's vocals add a harder edge, supercharged performance, and can hit the high notes. 

Jim Harris.jpg

James Harris


Jim Harris (drums) is the songwriting partner and drummer with Tirelli during the early years of Holy Mother, as well as the Holy Mother of today.  Jim was half of the powerhouse rhythm section along side of legendary Bassist Randy Coven, with whom he recorded in excess of 50 songs.  Jim also played drums for illusionist Criss Angel early in his career, Burning Starr (with Mike Tirelli), and national recording artists Dirty Looks.  

Mickey Lyxx.jpg

Mickey Lyxx


Mickey Lyxx is a pure display of a Guitar Hero, His loud outrageous playing paired with his Fashion Forward looks make this young gun deadly! He’s played all over the world from the states to Europe and prestigious festivals like Wacken Open Air! Mickey has  also inked endorsement deals with companies such as Charvel Guitars, Elixir Strings, and FU-Tone! With a passion for his instrument and a growing fan base he always majors in having fun and playing loud!

Wayne Banks.jpg

Wayne "Banksy" Banks


Holy Mother’s "British Connection". Wayne is a studied bass player and was a permanent member of Robin Gibb's band (Bee Gees) for more than 10 years. In England he started his career with the heavy metallers of Sabbat, then via Blaze Bailey (Ex-Iron Maiden), landed in 2002 with Messiahs Kiss. In addition, he toured with the British metal legend "Saxon" as well as together with ex-Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner in "Brazen Abbot". 
Currently he is very successful with the "Classic Rock Show" on the island.  
And, if you know Wayne, he’s an all around fun guy. 

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